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Tahni Froudist - Chair
Manoj Anand - Treasurer
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Antonia Seymour, Executive Director

Antonia brings to Arts on Tour a rich knowledge of the performing arts sector and touring, having worked at producing companies large and small, from Sydney Dance Company to Urban Theatre Projects, as well as London’s Lyric Hammersmith and Performing Lines. Over her 20-year career in the sector she has held senior roles in producing, marketing and development. An alumna of Social Leadership Australia’s Sydney Leadership program and Australia Council’s Emerging Leadership Program, Antonia has a deep interest in the social impact of arts experiences and working collaboratively to affect change.

Why AOT?
"I grew up in a small town where going to the theatre meant being opened up to whole new worlds and possibilities. This potential impact is still my driving motivation, just with more questions attached: whose and what stories are we telling and who are they relevant to? What do they say about our national psyche? In a way touring is the coalface of our industry – where it really matters, or doesn’t matter at all, depending on what kind of a job we do."

Sara Richardson, Senior Program Manager Touring

Joining the Arts on Tour team in 2015, Sara is an Arts Administrator with a broad range of industry experience and a love of the performing arts. Before AOT she worked at the City Recital Hall with a range of artists and companies on the planning and delivery of productions, concerts and events. With a background in visual arts, Sara has also worked in the visual arts sector for festivals, galleries and site-specific projects.

Why AOT?
"The idea of linking the country together by travelling stories to different audiences appeals to my passion for accessibility and community – ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to experience different art forms. The best thing about working at Arts on Tour is being a part of helping make this happen."

Patrick Howard, Program Manager Touring

Patrick has worked for the better part of a decade as a freelance theatre artist with a particular passion for queer, political, devised, musical and documentary theatre. He has directed, performed, production/company/stage managed, sound designed, composed and been an artistic associate for companies including PYT Fairfield, Force Majeure, Performance Space, Sydney Opera House, ATYP, Contemporary Asian Australian Performance, Little Triangle, Red Line Productions and New Theatre. He has also created and produced his own work. Before studying theatre-making and performance, Patrick first trained at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, graduating with Honours.

Why AOT?
"I grew up in regional NSW at a time and place where seeing professional theatre or dance meant a long, expensive trip to the city. Working for Arts on Tour gives me the opportunity to help ensure audiences in regional NSW have access to brilliantly executed performances, diverse stories and transformational theatrical experiences right on their doorstep, as well as the opportunity to come together as a community to practice empathy." 

Victor Kalka, Touring Coordinator

Victor has worked as a freelance director, designer and producer in Sydney since graduating from AIM Dramatic Arts in 2014. He has worked at with a range of companies including Redline Productions, Sport for Jove, Kings Cross Theatre, Academy of Film, Television and Theatre, New Theatre. Since 2019 Victor has produced his own work under the banner of his theatre company, Virginia Plain, presenting Australian premieres and reimagined classics.

Why AOT?
“I grew up in regional Tasmania and touring productions from the mainland were some of the only exposure I got to professional theatre. Highlights of my school year were piling onto a bus and traveling to Launceston to see that year’s Bell Shakespeare. It opened my eyes to what was possible to do on stage, and also that it was possible to have a career in the arts.”

Mark Salvestro, Marketing and Administration Manager

Mark is a multifaceted creative having worked as an independent theatre producer, playwright, performer, journalist and arts administrator in Melbourne, Canberra and Cooma in regional NSW. He has produced several works as both an independent artist and as part of his theatre collective North of Eight in Melbourne, and most recently, he has been working as part of the programming team at the Canberra Theatre Centre.

Why AOT? 
"Ever since I started creating my own work I’ve been passionate about touring, both as a means to extend the ‘shelf-life’ of my shows and, most importantly, to provide regional communities with access to professional arts experiences. Having grown up in Cooma in south-east NSW, I’ve experienced first-hand the positive impacts of arts touring. I'm thrilled to now play a more instrumental role in regional arts as part of the AOT team, and look forward to deepening my connections with artists, producers and presenters across the country."

Robbi James, Salon Producer 2024

Robbi has been an independent producer, dramaturg, and arts leader since 2017. He has produced fourteen fully-staged works in Sydney and Melbourne, managed local and national tours for over twenty more, and he is a passionate advocate for supporting artists in the development of local voices, stories, and experiences. His marketing and tour management experience has seen him work with some the country’s leading theatre makers including Red Line Productions, Belloo Creative, Red Stitch Actors’ Theatre, Theatre Works, The Good Room, and Siren Theatre Co. He holds a masters in Arts Management from the Sydney Opera House/AIM.

“What AOT is doing is so important. They go above and beyond by providing not only practical support but emotional support in a very volatile and sensitive form of activity. They make all this work manageable and, additionally, make artists feel valued. For less-resourced companies and for independent artists, touring would be impossible without them.”

Carl Sciberras, Dance Makers Collective