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A Monkey Baa Theatre Company production

Pete the Sheep

Adapted for the stage by Eva Di Cesare, Sandra Eldridge & Tim McGarry
Based on the book by Jackie French and Bruce Whatley

Monkey Baa's award-winning musical returns! Imaginatively told by four performers playing shearers, dogs and sheep, this hilarious musical comedy explores the challenges and rewards of being an individual whilst being part of the flock! Based on Jackie French and Bruce Whatley’s quirky and quintessentially Australian picture book, Pete the Sheep.

Monkey Baa's take on Pete the Sheep is a funny and engaging holiday treat that goes beyond simply putting a picture-book favourite on the stage. There's a chance that it will provide stimulus for real conversations about language and theatre and difference. And challenging the herd mentality.”

Shaun is the new sheep shearer in Shaggy Gully. Since shearing is such hard work, all the other shearers have sheep dogs to help them, but not Shaun. His partner is Pete, a sheep-sheep! The other shearers in the shed are not happy with Shaun and his sheep-sheep. Following rejection by the shearers and their dogs, Shaun and Pete set up their own Shearing Salon in town where they are inundated with woolly clients who delight in Shaun’s styling prowess.

This hilarious musical comedy, imaginatively told by four performers playing shearers, dogs and sheep explores the challenges and rewards of being an individual, and will be a lasting tribute to honouring your own spirit and strength, whilst working with the flock!


With content tailored to Pete the Sheep, Monkey Baa will offer Teaching Artist workshops using Drama based activities to explore the plot, themes and production of the show on the road. Engaging local school communities, the workshops will provide an enriching experience for students and professional learning for teachers. The workshops connect school groups to the production before they see it, building excitement, understanding and ownership of the production


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Monkey Baa’s mission is to create, present and share uniquely Australian stories that embrace social and cultural connectivity, celebrate Australia’s rich cultural heritage, challenge and inspire. By touring its award-winning productions and high-quality education programs, the company strives to ensure that young people, wherever they are located and whatever their economic circumstances, have the opportunity to share in fantastic theatre experiences that reflect their own lives.


2019   Glug Award – Possum Magic
2019   Glug Award – Josephine Wants to Dance
2019   Sydney Theatre Award – Josephine Wants to Dance
2018   Glug Award – Diary of a Wombat
2017   Sydney Theatre Awards – Special Award for 20 Years of Excellence and Extraordinary Service to the Children and Young People of Australia
2017   Drover Award – The Peasant Prince Tour of the Year
2016   Sydney Theatre Awards – The Peasant Prince
2016   Glug Award – The Peasant Prince
2015   Drover Award – APACA Touring Legend
2015   Glug Award – The Unknown Soldier
2014   Glug Award – Pete the Sheep
2011   Glug Award – Hitler’s Daughter
2010   Helpmann Award – Thursday’s Child
2010   Glug Award – FOX
2007   Helpmann Award – Hitler’s Daughter
2007   Drover Award – Touring Excellence
2006   Drover Award – Audience Development

2014 production. Cast includes Nat Jobe, Andrew James, Todd Keys, Jeff Teale & Alex Butt

Previous Tour

April - November 2021


Director Jonathan Biggins
Assistant Director Eva Di Cesare
Composer & Lyricist Phil Scott
Lighting Designer Matthew Marshall
Set & Costume Designer James Browne 
Writing Team Sandie Eldridge, Tim McGarry and Eva Di Cesare

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