Yuldea Hero
Bangarra Dance Theatre


A new work by First Nations dance powerhouse Bangarra, awakening the earth and sky worlds to tell the story of the Aṉangu people of the Great Victorian Desert.

“Yuldea is an embodiment of harmony between story, vision and being.” ★★★★★

We are memory.
Glimpsed through shimmering light on water.
A story place where black oaks stand watch.
Carved into trees and painted on rocks.
North – South – East – West.
A brittle landscape of life and loss.

At Yuldea, stories hover in the sky. The stars reveal a divine Songline, stretching between earth and sky. 

From the incomparable storytellers of Bangarra Dance Theatre comes a major new work.  

Frances Rings’ first work as Artistic Director is a ceremonial affirmation of history and heritage. Yuldea awakens the earth and sky worlds to tell the story of the Aṉangu people of the Great Victorian Desert. 

Yuldea explores the moment traditional life collided with the industrial ambition of a growing nation. In 1917, the two halves of the Transcontinental Railway met at the precious water soak on the edge of the Nullarbor, Yuldi Kapi.

Great metal serpents scarred the landscape, draining all water from the sacred soak. Then came the black mist of the atomic testing at Maralinga, forcing the Aṉangu people to leave their desert homelands where they had lived for millennia.

Now memories lay scattered, like the Aṉangu people, displaced from their home. Remnants of colonial progress are swallowed by sand. But the Aṉangu endure, determined to keep strong their knowledge systems of land and sky, honouring their eternal bonds of kinship between people and place.

Yuldea features original music by Leon Rodgers with featured songs by multi-award-winning duo Electric Fields (Zaachariaha Fielding and Michael Ross). Designers Elizabeth Gadsby (Set), Jennifer Irwin (Costume) and Karen Norris (Lighting) create a desert world on stage.

Photo credits: Daniel Boud & Kate Longley

“Yuldea is so fresh and uninhibited it almost bursts off the stage.” ★★★★

Sydney Morning Herald


"This powerful piece of theatre will move, astonish and enlighten."

Yuldea is a powerful work, confirming Bangarra is in good hands with Rings as Artistic Director.” 

“A sublime, magnificent and engaging production.”

"There is no doubt Bangarra Dance Theatre is on the right track – continuing to produce works that inform and enchant their audiences."

“Rings proves herself a master of dynamic, eye-catching choreography.”

Video by Cass Eipper


February - March 2024
September - October 2024

Choreographer Frances Rings
Set Designer Elizabeth Gadsby
Costume Designer Jennifer Irwin
Lighting Designer Karen Norris
Composer Leon Rodgers
Guest Composers Electric Fields
Mirning Cultural Consultant Clem Lawrie
Yalata Cultural Consultant Ms Smart
Cultural Astronomer Karlie Noon
Cultural Authority Representatives from the Yalata Aṉangu Aboriginal Community Council
Aerial and Acrobatic Creative Consultant Joshua Thomson

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