A Wild Thing Production

Wild Thing

Written by Suzanne Hawley
Directed by Kim Hardwick

How many times have you seen four old broads on a stage leading the drama? Award-winning writer Suzanne Hawley set about writing a new Australian play with four lead women in their 60s, so naturally Wild Thing contains sex, drugs and coarse language. With a hit Sydney season under their belt, these wild things are coming to you in 2023.

​“ ..this play has a beating heart; this play will remind you of your own pulse under your skin, steady and true but not forever, not promised."

Cassie Tongue, Sydney Morning Herald

A comedy, a tragedy - a tale of sea eagles, of pole dancing and childhood dreams, of rock and roll, of love and friendships which have stood the test of time.

Until now.

Jackie, Elizabeth, Frances and Susan met at high school. They became besties, hit London in the sixties and then carved out very different lives for themselves.  Now, they don't see each other as often, but always make it a rule to meet up once a year for a girl's night out.

But this year is different.

The most radical member of their group is in crisis. To offer their support, the women take her back to her country home for a weekend - to relax and let their hair down. What could possibly go wrong? The ensuing nightmare will test their friendship, their morals and their courage as never before. And a final twist in the tale will change their lives forever. 


You have a story to tell. Something close to your heart. A story about women of 'une certain age' as the French would say, about four female friends in their sixties, about their loyalties, their love for each other, and a choice they must make. With our wonderful director Kim Hardwick and the amazing team working with her to put it all together, our fabulous cast Di Adams, Di Smith, Katrina Foster, Helen O'Connor, Lewis Fitz-Gerald, and Phillip D'Ambrosio - we are up and running. And I see the play come to life and I am laughing and I am crying even though I know what is coming. It is funnier and more poignant than I could ever have believed thanks to them.

Suzanne Hawley


The play opens with the four friends at age thirteen, in school uniform, deciding what their lives will be. We then move seamlessly back and forward through times in their lives, and the choices they make - to 1960's London, present day at home, and the crisis they must resolve which all happens at Jackie’s country house over one weekend. As the narrative unfolds, we learn more about all four women - so different but super glued together by shared experiences. It is this love and connection that is the themeAfter lives lived and loves gained and lost, who do you trust to make a decision for you?


“Four enchanting actors give supple characterisation to Hawley’s ultimately endearing and empowered women."
Sydney Arts Guide 

"The moral dilemma at the play’s centre is one that’s been shoved from the headlines by hotter-burning issues of climate, gender and race.If the subject is close to you in any way, it’s rewarding theatre."
Audrey Journal

"Di Smith brings nuance to the role of Jackie, along with considerable dignity to this important tale of personal agency, for women of a certain age. Helen O’Connor is memorable as the carefree Elizabeth, bringing a sense of cheeky ebullience to the show. The passionate Frances is played by Katrina Foster, whose approach proves to be unmistakeably kooky, and Di Adams’ restraint only makes Susan’s sexual escapades more scandalous."
Suzie Goes See

“It is a beautiful play that deals with important contemporary issues with wisdom and true care delivered by a wonderful cast. There is much laughter. Finishes on Saturday Go.”
Kevin Jackson’s Theatre Diary

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