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The Epic

Written and Performed by Finn O'Branagáin + Scott Sandwich

The Epic is the theatre of way-out tales as told by two irreverent and passionate storytellers. Finn and Scott take us on a journey of the imagination from the cradle of civilisation to the story of the wooden horse, with heroes ranging from Gilgamesh to Vin Diesel. The Epic lovingly takes the stories you think you know and asks them to tell us another.

Production photography by Jamie Breen

The Epic is slam poetry without too much earnestness, it’s storytelling without being condescending. It’s all the best bits out of our historical literature libraries mixed in with little bits of pop culture. The Epic is a comparative studies lecture if the teachers wanted to re-enact everything with wide eyes and flailing arms. It’s a political discussion about cultural appropriation and ownership that isn’t pointing fingers…

Dash back to the beginning as we retell and unpick myths, epic texts and really good stories from around the globe. The Epic plays easily in a library or community centre but is equally at home in a theatre with all the trimmings . There's something for everyone in this sparky adventure through time.

The Epic is fun. Some of the stories are outrageous, some are freaky, all of them are EPIC: these are amazing and strange stories you’ll be sharing long after the show.


“A thought-provoking around-the-world journey of cultural identity. O’Branagáin and Sandwich were amazing. They captured the attention of the entire room with just their words and their passion.”
The Colosoul full review

“The Epic is easily one of the most enjoyable shows I’ve seen this year [...] it’s joyously irreverent."
The Arts Review full review

“The Epic is epic not only in the scope within each story [...] but also in the depth and breadth of the knowledge about how these tales fit into human and cultural experiences.”
Australian Stage full review


“Terrific, entertaining and enthralling!”

“Tears of laughter! When is the sequel?”

“It was epic. Very unique.”

“10/10 would see again.”

“Amazing. Super entertaining.”

“Clever + funny + joyous.”

"So often theatre forgets its origins in storytelling, a beautiful reminder of that.”

Graphic illustrated and designed by Desmond Tan

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Writers Finn O'Branagáin, Scott Sandwich
Composer Tom Hogan
Director Joe Lui
Designer Desmond Tan
Performers Finn O'Branagáin, Scott Sandwich

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