Bangarra Dance Theatre

Spirit: A Retrospective 2021

Choreography by Stephen Page and Bernadette Walong-Sene

Bangarra Dance Theatre is Australia’s leading Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander performing arts company. This February, Bangarra will tour NSW with Spirit: a retrospective 2021, a powerful collection of dance stories chosen from Bangarra’s 31-year repertoire.

Photography by Lisa Tomasetti

They prove how dance can speak when words fail

West Australian

Spirit: a retrospective 2021 is a powerful collection of dance stories chosen from Bangarra’s 31-year repertoire. Featuring the full Bangarra ensemble of 17 dancers, Spirit draws from a selection of the company’s most celebrated works, comprising of Brolga (Corroboree), Black (Ochres), Yellow (Ochres), Dingo (Skin), White (Ochres), Moth (Bush), Two Sisters (Bush), The Call (Walkabout),  and In  her  Mind (Nyapanyapa). Tracing an unbroken songline, the works unravel a sacred world of plants, animals, and ancestral medicine, laid down one step at a time.

Set to a haunting score, Spirit invites audiences to connect with stories and songlines drawn from all over Australia, in a celebration of First Nations Peoples’ unbroken connection to the land.


Bangarra Dance Theatre is one of Australia’s leading performing arts companies, fusing Aboriginal culture with contemporary dance. Since the foundation in 1989, the relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities are the heart of Bangarra, with a repertoire created on country and stories gathered from respected community Elders. ‘Bangarra’ is the Wiradjuri word meaning “to make fire”. 

The company’s dance technique is forged from over 65,000 years of culture, embodied with contemporary movement. The 17 company dancers are professionally trained, dynamic artists who all have a proud Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander background, from various locations across the country. 

Authentic storytelling, outstanding technique and deeply moving performances are Bangarra’s unique signature.


GRIFFITH, NSW | 13 February | BOOK NOW
ORANGE, NSW | 17 February |BOOK NOW
WYONG, NSW | 24 & 25 February | SOLD OUT

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Choreography Stephen Page, Bernadette Walong-Sene 
Traditional Choreography and Music 
Djakapurra Munyarryun 
Music David Page, Steve Francis 
Costume Design Jennifer Irwin 
Set Design Jacob Nash 
Brolga Cloths John Matkovic, Stephen Page 
Lighting Design Nick Schlieper, Karen Norris, Joseph Mercurio, Matt Cox

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