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Reverence is a contemporary chamber opera for piano and female voice, performed in the round. It is a heroine's journey through an evocative soundscape, arriving at a shared catharsis and a chance to see things anew. This is a gripping journey through stages of grief, allowing audiences to find relief in this visceral work.

Wonderfully atmospheric... a beautifully intricate piece and also very sad, but in a good way - you could kind of sit with sadness.

Audience member


Dawn. The wind whips through the empty city. The women emerge from their hiding places now that the fighting has stopped...

This story began with one girl in Ancient Greece, and has repeated for centuries through generations of women. It is a heroine's journey through an evocative soundscape, arriving in a shared catharsis and a chance to see things anew. 

Reverence invites audiences into an immersive vocal world. A full-bodied work for piano and female voice, Reverence is performed in the round, enveloping the audience in dynamic piano, voice, percussion and sound design, drawing on classical, post-classical, pop and experimental music. 

Reverence grows in a series of musical cycles that mirror the emotional cycles of grief. Over the course of nine choral movements, the traditional format of an operatic requiem, three female vocalists explore the harmony and dissonance of grief and womanhood. Natural voices are layered with wind, distant barking dogs, empty streets and the voices are supported by piano, strings, and percussion. The production is an immersive experience, drawing the audience into a circle of exchange and conversation, enveloping rather than addressing, enlisting rather than instructing.

Chamber Opera or Epic Production

Reverence can be performed either as a chamber opera experience, with three solo voices and a recorded choir, or The House can offer a large-scale epic production that includes a chorus of up to 60 women drawn from your community. The expanded chorus, sourced from local choirs, will work alongside Rose Riebl, Danielle O’Keefe and the three soloists, who will take on the role of choir leaders to support the chorus throughout the season. This option offers opportunities for local singers to perform in a contemporary opera in front of family and friends.

From the Composer & Performer

In our development showcases in Sydney (July 2022), we heard audience members speak about a sense of emotional release, the opportunity this work offered them to sit with themselves, or something or someone they had lost; a feeling they couldn’t quite name. That is my profound hope: that we can create a bridge back to feeling, an opportunity to sit in our own private reverence.
- Rose Riebl

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