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Josephine Wants to Dance 2025

Based on the book by Jackie French and Bruce Whatley

A hilarious Australian musical based on the hugely popular picture book by Jackie French and Bruce Whatley. Touring nationally in 2025 and created for the stage by the team that brought you the award-winning Pete the Sheep, this delightful work by Monkey Baa Theatre Company brings to life a tale about a bush kangaroo you’ll never forget.

Jackie French delivers wonderfully entertaining stories and this is no exception… another delightful journey

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A story about dreams, believing in yourself... and a dancing kangaroo. From the award-winning team behind Pete The Sheep comes another hilarious tale of a bush animal you'll never forget. 

Josephine is a kangaroo - who loves to dance. Her little brother, Joey, tells her that kangaroos don't dance, they hop – but Josephine continues to point her toes and leap through the air. 

When a ballet troupe comes to the sleepy town of Shaggy Gully, Josephine learns that there is another way to dance – ballet. As the ballet company prepares to perform, Josephine sneaks into town to peer through the window as the dancers rehearse, watching for hours and hours as they perfect their routine. Then Josephine goes home and practices all night, all alone, until she knows the dance by heart. She spins, she swirls and pirouettes. She desperately wants to dance like the ballerinas in pink tutus and silk ballet shoes!  On the day of the first performance the ballet company is in trouble: the prima ballerina twists her ankle and the understudy has a splinter in her toe! 

Who can dance the lead role? Who else can leap that high? Josephine's talents are called upon to help save the day. Can she do it, and more importantly, does it matter that she's a kangaroo? A delightfully funny tale that looks at the importance of believing in yourself and realising your dreams.

Another story about the triumph of difference, the triumph of inclusion and the fact that if you set your mind to it, even if you’ve got a pouch and a tail, you can appear in Swan Lake.


"If you have children to take, then, take them. If you don't, still go. Don't be shy. Just, go, go, go.”
Kevin Jackson, Kevin Jackson Theatre Diaries

 "The show is sharp and funny and the songs suitably witty, appealing to all ages… I strongly advise that you take your children."
Bronwyn Fullerton, Arts Guide Sydney

"...a must see for anyone with a sense of wonder, whether 4 or 40 or even older. With a delightful message that anything is possible if you work hard.”
Jade Kops, Broadway World

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