Key Image The Irrestistible
Side Pony Productions & The Last Great Hunt

The Irresistible

Directed by Zoe Pepper
Written by Adriane Daff, Zoe Pepper and Tim Watts

2018 Helpmann Award Nominee for Best Play, The Irresistible is intoxicatingly creepy, reminiscent of Stranger Things and Twin Peaks. This bold and original new work is the exceptional first collaboration between Side Pony Productions (The Confidence Man, The Pride) and The Last Great Hunt (Falling through Clouds, The Adventures of Alvin Sputnik: Deep Sea Explorer).

★★★★ “Brilliant work…This is the reason you go to see live theatre

The Irresistible is dark, creepy, mysterious and a little bit disturbing. Deliberately designed to throw you off guard, The Irresistible will leave you with a resonating sense of deeper meaning that dwells just on the fringes of your mind. The Irresistible references a number of filmic conventions transformed into a live theatre space; with similarities to Stranger Things and Twin Peaks. The smoke filled, sci-fi nature of the performance is laden with mystery and other worldliness but at its core has memorable characters that expertly tread the fine line between comedy and crisis as they swirl around in the high stakes drama of the story. 

Deep in the gloom a phone rings. She takes the call. The voice on the line slips beneath her skin and curls its fingers around her stomach, threatening to drag her beneath the surface, below knowledge, down where desire and depravity lie. Bridget is haunted by the memory her sister April has long chosen to forget. The mysterious and unexplained permeates every moment of their lives. You can’t see it, you can’t touch it, you can barely feel it. You can’t hold on tight enough, as its darkness encircles you, then retreats back into the fog. 


We have a 10 year working relationship and through this production we really sought to challenge and extend our shared devising practice. We were driven by an interest in unconscious bias and its significant yet largely unseen impact on our daily interactions. In creating the work we played with voice modulation as a means to shift gender and unpack how information is treated depending on who you're hearing it from. We also experimented with theatrical form to create a performance that exists in a fluid, liminal space, where characters, locations and time shift and merge defying conventional structure.
Zoe Pepper, Adriane Daff and Tim Watts


★★★★ ½ “This is theatre with great strength of purpose, and a technical achievement that will leave you gobsmacked. The Irresistible is simply irresistible.”
David Zampatti, From the Turnstiles

★★★★  ”Watts and Daff command the stage”
Annelies Gartner, The West Australian

“moodiness and tension worthy of a Hitchcock movie…the script at once comical, current and gripping.”
Kiesten McCauley, Stage Whispers

“…compelling, entertaining, and even brave in its attempts to define the indefinable and travel into uncharted territory. The Irresistible will have its hold on you, whether you’re aware of it or not.”
Cicely Binford, Perth Arts Live

“…go and see The Irresistible, it is a truly remarkable play.”
Fourth Wall Media


Side Pony Productions supports the productions of director Zoe Pepper. Under her leadership the company creates predominantly devised theatre; building fresh new performance through a well-trodden devising process. Side Pony strives to make innovative theatre that is an engaging, smart celebration of humanity. All Side Pony’s work is laced with a deep sense of irony and the use of comedy to create empathy is pivotal. What drives the process is a love of story, a diligence to create enduring plot structures and a commitment to creating characters that reflect the many contradictions of the human condition especially the conflicting notion that good people do bad things. Alongside creating works for black box theatres the company is beginning to move into new and sometimes less conventional theatrical forms as well as film.

The Last Great Hunt is made up of six of Australia’s brightest and most talented theatre makers - Gita Bezard, Adriane Daff, Jeffrey Jay Fowler, Arielle Gray, Chris Isaacs and Tim Watts - each having a passionate commitment to theatre and experimentation with form. Together they create immersive experiences using site specific performance and traditional theatre presentations which are varied in style, including puppetry, visual theatre and text based plays. The Last Great Hunt aims to produce quality and relevant new work that is simultaneously artistically rigorous and engages audiences to be moved, inspired and challenged. Within this ethos, the artists have diverse range of aesthetics that results in the creation of an eclectic mix of work. 

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Director Zoe Pepper
Writers Zoe Pepper, Adriane Daff and Tim Watts
Performers Adriane Daff and Tim Watts
Designer (Set & Costume) Jonathon Oxlade
Composer Ash Gibson Greig
Sound Design Phil Downing
Lighting Design Richard Vabre

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