Creature HERO
A Stalker Theatre and Out of the Box Production


Written by John Romeril
Directed by David Clarkson and Cristabel Sved

A visually stunning, contemporary re-imagining of the Australian classic Dot and the Kangaroo adapted by leading Australian playwright John Romeril. Breathtaking aerials and acrobatics sparkle against a backdrop of stunning animations that utilise interactive technology whilst live music and storytelling transport you to the magical world of the Australian bush.

“A strikingly imaginative and effective adaptation”

Stage Whispers

When 5-year-old Dot gets lost in the bush, she is rescued by a kangaroo who gives her magic ‘berries of understanding’ that allow her to follow the languages of all the animals and insects around her. With this new gift, Dot and Kangaroo set out on an action-packed adventure to return her home – an adventure that changes the way she sees the Australian bush and her place within it forever.

But how long before this unique native wildlife disappears as humans encroach on their habitat? Based on Ethel C. Pedley’s iconic 1899 classic, Dot and the Kangaroo, Creature invites you to enter the magical world of the Australian bush to explore how our actions and choices affect the world around us.

Touring to Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland and the Northern Territory in 2018, this immersive performance will take young audiences into an imaginative performance, connecting them to the beauty of the Australian bush.

First commissioned by QPAC for the 2016 Out of the Box Festival for Children 8 years and under.


"This is so stunningly beautiful and touching [that] 'children' of all ages should come away with a smile."
Susan Hetherington, ABC Brisbane

"Creature provides some powerful and important messages about animal and habitat conservation, in addition to some perspectives on the charms of Australian wildlife."
Otaku's Study

"There’s no doubt this Creature has legs."
Stage Whispers

Previous Tour

April to June 2018


Writer John Romeril
Conceived by Margie Breen & David Clarkson
Directors David Clarkson & Cristabel Sved
Composer Peter Kennard
Visual Artists Andrew Bluff,
Boris Bagatinni, Andrew Johnston
Choreographer Dean Walsh
Costume Designer Annemaree Dalziel
Lighting Designer Ross Graham

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