A re:group performance collective production


Co-created by Mark Rogers, Solomon Thomas,
Steve Wilson-Alexander, Carly Young

An immediate hit with critics and audiences, Coil is one of those rare productions: gobsmackingly clever in its execution whilst being funny, warm hearted and deeply resonant to film lovers and those of us who lament the loss of the video store. Picked up by the Sydney Opera House for a 2022 season, the team are keen to connect with regional audiences in 2023.

“It’s an astonishingly multi-layered, funny-sad eulogy. A must-see live cinema event…miraculously manufactured before our eyes by a mere trio of maker-performers”


Blurring the boundaries of theatre and cinema, Coil draws on our collective memories to pay tribute to the glory days of the video store and commemorate the communities we made within them. 

Coil is a playful and timely live cinema experience that uses custom coded video-DJing technology to shoot an entire film – and parallel story – while the audience is watching the live show play out on stage. This technical wizardry allows re:group to reflect upon the joys, perils and pitfalls of nostalgia; outsourcing their own labour to technological replacements and grappling with goodbyes.


Coil is a story of friendship, partnership and the dangerous seductive appeal of nostalgia. Shooting a film live on stage before a captive audience, Coil uses a complex video technology that allows a single performer to play every character in a cinematic scene. The screen says there’s a connection, whilst the theatre says he’s alone...

Steve Wilson-Alexander
Co-creator and performer


re:group are passionate about creating innovative work that questions the role and meaning of the arts in contemporary society, where the technology used is core to the ideas presented in the work.

The loneliness and nostalgia that the main character, Steve, experiences resonates with the widespread sense of technological solitude that has paralleled the demise of the community video store. The story has implications beyond this – there are innumerable industries that have already faced the effects of technological supersedure and the colonial and capitalistic replacement of meeting places with automation and online subscription services. Where does that leave us?

re:group's genuinely unique practice of live cinema is an accessible, energetic, and highly visual medium. Presenting a counter-narrative to on-demand streaming sites, Coil seeks to reinstate and augment the communal cinema-going experience by meshing theatre and film together, live on stage.


“It’s an astonishingly multi-layered, funny-sad eulogy… A must-see live cinema event…miraculously manufactured before our eyes by a mere trio of maker-performers… COIL is always propulsive, mostly great fun and engages frankly and intimately with its audience.”
Keith Gallasch, RealTime

“Nostalgic, philosophical and comedic…it’s quite unlike any other use of cameras and screens I’ve seen on a stage.”
John Shand, SMH

“The second half explodes with frenzied energy as the audience gets to watch the titular short film in its entirety… The pace never faltered, the humour never dropped, and the crew never seemed anything but in complete control… A colourful multimedia portrait of loss and nostalgia, simultaneously silly yet sincere and melancholic… Coil is a perfect example of why re:group is one of the most interesting theatre groups operating in Australia today.”
Bradley Ward, Theatre Travels 

Coil 2022 Trailer

Images by Rosie Hastie and Lucy Parakhina

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