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This latest triumph from Erth showcases exquisite puppetry and brings to the stage stories of fragility and beauty. Featuring intimate, magical encounters with rare and vulnerable species, arc raises important questions about our collective and individual relationship with nature and loss.

Photo credit Lisa Haymes


arc is a profound experience that embraces the natural world and the creatures that co-habit this place we call Earth.

An un-named host is in a state of grief and loss, with a long list of things he doesn’t want to think about. In order to move forward, he has to face the real world, and is visited by a menagerie of critically endangered animals – snow leopards, hammerhead sharks, microbats, larger than life elephants, and so many more.

With each encounter, the host comes a little closer to acknowledging his own feelings, and shares his experience with the audience to ask: what is most precious to you?

A very personal work for Erth, arc has been a long time in the making before arriving in its current form: a spectacular celebration of the natural world.

Renowned as innovators of physical and visual theatre, for the past three decades Erth’s body of work (including Dinosaur Zoo, Prehistoric Aquarium and Prehistoric World) has explored the depths of the past. With arc, they look unblinkingly to the future.

Featuring audience interaction and premiering at Sydney Opera House in September 2022, arc has been lovingly made by the Erth team for children and their families.

Get ready for this extraordinary menagerie of rare and exotic animals to transform the stage before your very eyes.


The genesis of arc came about from a creative visioning residency with Healesville Sanctuary in 2016 supported by Zoos Victoria. During my visit I was lucky enough to be taken to where they were breeding Leadbeater’s Possums to increase their number, at a time when their population had been reduced to one small colony of around 30 individuals - the only Leadbeater’s Possums remaining in the world.

A small furry bundle was placed in my hands, and like lightning it struck me: this moment was charged with empathy and awe. Right then I knew that if everybody could experience this delicate action of holding one of these beautiful creatures in their hands, an intangible connection between two species would be made and their continued protection would continue. Not from guilt from the wrongs we have done, but from love and compassion.

arc teaser trailer - August 2022


Touring in 2024

Artistic Director Scott Wright
Head of Design Steve Howarth
Producer Scott Andrew
Writer Alana Valentine
Creative Associate – Puppet Design Gabrielle Paananen
Associate Director Solomon Thomas
Composer/Sound Designer James Brown
Composer/Sound Designer Daniel Herten
Lighting Designer Frankie Clarke
Video Designer Solomon Thomas
Cast Scott Wright, Gabrielle Paananen, Rose Maher, Albert David, Tom Caley (subject to change)
Production Manager Rick Everett

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