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SALT is an immersive choral performance work written and performed by young women of The House Performance Ensemble alongside Danielle O'Keefe. This uplifting work explores the struggle from girlhood to womanhood and the refusal to be silenced. 

I thought it was so beautiful. It really resonated with me... I loved the power of the girls, they controlled the whole floor and the audience just parted ways.

Audience member


Inspired by ancient myths of the female heroine, SALT explores the fragility, certainty and strength of girls as they find themselves women.

Danielle O’Keefe’s award winning female ensemble swaddle the audience in haunting choral music. Through a synergy of moving bodies and an original choral score, SALT follows an emotional journey of female adolescence into womanhood.

The discord and harmony of the girl’s journey is reflected in the central motif of salt, a substance of balance. Too much and we are the desert, dry and barren. Too little and our bodies fail as we lose equilibrium. Salt is the stuff of humanity; of tears, sweat and blood; and of our inextricable link to the ocean.

SALT is an immersive experience where the performers are in and amongst the audience. The performance begins with the vocalists lying on the floor, slowly rising to standing whilst singing a single note. Audience members become enveloped within the sound as the ensemble of soloists drift through the room. Through a series of songs, the vocalists play with time and space, silence and noise, dissonance and harmony, vulnerability and strength, to bring the audience on their journey so they breathe with them. By the end, the performers complete the cycle to return back to the start, descending to the floor singing the same single note. 

With the performers moving in and around the audience, SALT offers each audience member a unique sonic experience of singular vocal textures and tight choral harmonies. Performed and devised by The House ensemble of teenage girls, we witness them wrestle with the ocean and emerge heroic.


An optional add-on is the immersive video installation SALT 360, where young women, mermaid-like, invite the audience into a salty, female, underwater world by way of a highly evocative 360 degree projection.

SALT 360 is a wide-angle video projection that can be presented on a wide, flat screen or extended to a 360 degree immersive experience. The live performance of SALT can be performed with this underwater world as backdrop. After the performance season is complete, SALT 360 can remain in the space with a recording of the choral score for audiences to enjoy as an exhibition experience.

Danielle O’Keefe, Director

I’ve long been fascinated by salt; texture, smell, taste, sound. It is vital for life. A substance of balance; too much and we are the desert, dry, barren - unable to speak, too little and our bodies fail, we lose our equilibrium and the world tilts and rolls. Salt burns, it preserves, it’s a molecule of life and a tool of humanity. It is the commodity of being human; stuff of tears, of sweat, of blood and of our inextricable link to the ocean.


The House supports girls and women to find their voice. The House Ensemble of young female vocalists has been showcased at the Tokyo Festival, Venice Biennale and venues around Australia. As they forge a reputation as one of Australia’s leading women’s vocal ensembles, they have two clear goals: to create vocal performances championed by festivals, venues and events synonymous with artistic excellence; and to unearth and propel the next generation of female composers and songwriters.


Akin songwriting workshops for girls aged 10-18 can be offered. Over the course of a day, the girls will learn basic chords on the ukelele, and then write a story, learn how to structure it, and turn it into a song. These cross aged workshops give the girls the opportunity to share stories and things they care about.

There's a video trailer for the Akin workshop.

SALT 360 Trailer - note that the music is the same as SALT and gives an indication of the vibe of the live show.

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