Green Touring

Green Touring


Green Touring Online Series

In 2024 we’re offering an online series of one hour sessions that cover a range of topics and perspectives on climate conscious creative practices. The aim is to bring attention to how we can transition our work practices – both making work and touring work, what tools are available to help understand and measure emissions, how we can use our voice to advocate for change in the sector and with audiences, and the steps you can take to make an emissions reduction plan.

A second aim of this series is to build community so we can learn, share, support, inspire and amplify the great work that is happening in this space.

Each session will include two, 20-minute presentations from guest speakers on a particular topic followed by a 20 minute discussion, where participants can ask the guest speakers questions and also share what you're up to.


Feel free to attend one, multiple, or all of the sessions and share with anyone you think might be interested!

Session 1

Session 2

Session 3

Session 4

Session 5


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Watch a replay of Session 1 HERE

Watch a replay of Session 2 HERE

Watch a replay of Session 3 HERE

Watch a replay of Session 4 HERE

Watch a replay of Session 5 HERE