Moogahlin Performing Arts

The Weekend

Written by Henrietta Baird
Directed by Liza-Mare Syron

One of the most talked about premieres of Sydney Festival 2019, this brilliantly written one woman show blends laughter, hope, love and loss in a young family’s search for a new beginning. Based on the real life experiences of first-time playwright Henrietta Baird, this is a compelling piece of new Australian theatre. 

reflections onstage

Baird’s writing is full of thrills, brimming with keenly observed humour, and a modern attitude that boldly pushes Australian playwriting into exciting new realms.

Written by dancer-turned-playwright Henrietta Baird, The Weekend is a solo show of a young mother’s search for her partner though the high rise public housing towers of inner Sydney.

 Lara, a Sydney mum working interstate as a dancer, receives a distress call from her youngest son. Dad hasn’t been seen for days and they are running out of food. Lara has only the weekend to traverse the world of high-rise public housing, drug dealing and addiction to track him down. And if she succeeds, what will she find?

 The Weekend is a rollercoaster ride into one woman’s nightmare scenario, one from which she emerges a little wiser about the world, and herself


Moogahlin (Muu-gah-lin) is a Yuin/Bundjalung word meaning to play, to fool about. Moogahlin Performing Arts is NSW’s premier First Peoples performing arts company, formed in Redfern NSW in November 2007 in honour of the late Kevin Smith's request and in memory of the founding members of the Black Theatre. Our vision is transformation through cultural arts. We create community-based stories and produce distinctive cross-cultural and interdisciplinary performance works. Moogahlin supports both emerging and established First Peoples performing artists, nurturing work created, produced and performed by First Peoples for First Peoples. 


Ready to Tour

Writter Henrietta Baird 
Director  Liza-Mare Syron
Performer Shakira Clanton
Choreographer Vicki Van Hout
Sound Designer and Composer Nick Wales and Rhyan Clapham (Dobby)
Lighting Designer Karen Norris
Set Designer Kevin O'Brien
Producer Lily Shearer
Assistant Producer Corrine Shepherd

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