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Lazy Susan

Regional and remote towns across Australia have one thing in common – a Chinese restaurant. Currently in development in regional Australia, Lazy Susan will draw on stories of local Aussie families with Chinese heritage to offer up an immersive performance and feast experience. Includes the opportunity to be a commissioning partner.

Photography by Jasmine Poole

"Legs On The Wall blasts physical theatre into a new and triumphant dimension."

Sun Herald

The working title Lazy Susan is in itself a provocation, a quasi-homage to ubiquitous Aussie Chinese-restaurant memories and also a questioning - of forced identity, kitsch stereotyping, and perpetual multi-generational low-level racism. The title may evoke initial preconceptions and expectations; the experience of the work itself will transcend them.

Over 1.2 million Australians are of Chinese heritage. In the wake of COVID-19, current international and federal political tensions, and a heavy press focus on China, Legs feel there is no better time for this community engaged highly physical site-based performance. Currently in development, Legs artists will work closely with commissioning partners and community members from four different regional locations to peel away misconceptions and go beyond stereotypes. It taps into nuance, the overlooked beauty and melancholy of these country town lives. Performed in Chinese restaurants across the country, audiences will literally be immersed in the experience of being both an outsider and a local, of being labelled exotic when you feel like an ordinary small town Aussie kid. 


Legs will be based regionally for this project in 2020-21 gathering experiences of generations of country-based Australians with Chinese heritage. In addition to looking for presenting partners for a 2022 regional tour, we are looking for four regional PACs to become commissioning partners and to be involved in the making of the production from the beginning. 

The 2022 regional tour will be followed by major festivals presentations from 2023. 


We are excited by the ideas and motivations around this work - in particular the site-specific nature of it. Lazy Susan resonates with some of our key artists and collaborators because it explores immigration, the generations of families of immigrants, and their place in enriching the Australian cultural narrative.

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