A Cultured Left Foot


Created by Ahilan Ratnamohan & Feras Shaheen

Klapping is a collective ritual which initiates participants into a new form of urban movement, a street dance extracting the roots of football culture, and re-shaping them in the style of modern urban dance cultures such as B-boying and Krumping. 

2 football players dancing

A nocturnal pilgrimage to an out-of-bounds football court. Synchronised breathing, ritual dances, obscure football history, acclamations, refrains and more...

Before arriving at contemporary dance, choreographers Ahilan Ratnamohan and Feras Shaheen were elite footballers, something that has left indelible marks on their body, and their sense of rhythm and space. Flirting with a scary boundary between fiction and reality, Klapping is a new urban movement founded by Ahilan Ratnamohan & Feras Shaheen aka. Maestro Ahil and Feras the Shield. It all began in Campbeltown and has now reached international acclaim about to be performed at  the Homo Novus Festival, in Latvia and the Dansart Festival and C-Mine, in Belgium.

The audience are initiated into a strange, but familiar, new form; starting with the history of Klapping, moving into the foundations, then fashion codes and arriving at the euphoria of a battle. Over the course of the evening the audience is fully initiated, beginning their transformation towards football deity.  By immersing in football paraphernalia, and revelling in the energy of the court, Feras the Shield and Maestro Ahil guide the audience through this search for profound spiritual significance, via the idiosyncratic codes and rituals of football. 


Klapping is a week-long residency model inviting participants to take part in workshops over a week, culminating in an 'initiation' performance for participants and a broader audience. The ‘initiation’ performance is targeted at an audience of footballers and dancers through the workshops and community engagement but completely open to all ages and levels of movement ability to participate as well. The initiation is conducted by the artists, Ahilan Ratnamohan and Feras Shaheen, and supported by a group of local ‘Klappers’ (trained up during the residency).


Occupying the Court - Feras and Ahil take up a residency for a week on your local court (or other outside area), offering free 1 hour classes each night/afternoon/afterschool. Through the residency they get to know the locals and meet potential new Klappers. Collaborating with the venue, contact is made with local footballers and dancers who can potentially be trained to be Rezzies and Youth (classes of Klappers) who can assist with the execution of the Klapping Initiation at the performance at the culmination of the week.


The audience arrives at the court (usually a local basketball court), either directly or via a curated walk from the arts centre.  They are immediately given jerseys and the history of Klapping is explained to them. At first they are taught the basic Klapping moves but the Initiation increases incrementally in terms of physical and cultural involvement, through learning techniques and undertaking rituals respectively. 

It is a soft immersion for the audience through which they increasingly begin to feel like Klappers.  The aim ia to create an environment in which people completely let go of their inhibitions, ultimately performing movements which they might never have imagined doing.


We didn’t find Klapping. Klapping found us. We met on the Bradbury Oval Basketball courts at the beginning of 2017. Our first exchanges revolved around the (soccer) ball; and then we started to Klapp. For two footballers living on different sides of the world Klapping seemed to be the most democratic meeting point. By giving form to Klapping we are mythologising our past, and the past and present of many footballers all around the globe. In a form which isn’t as tangible, rational or statistical as the normal documentation of football. Klappers are out there waiting to be discovered all around the world. So that’s what we are doing, taking Klapping and initiating new Klappers into the folklore.

Feras the Shield & Maestro Ahil

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Concept & Performance Ahilan Ratnamohan, Feras Shaheen
Costume & Dramaturgy Anne-Catherine Kunz 
Dramaturgy First Development Kristof Persyn 

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