Red Line Productions

JUST Live On Stage!

Written by Robin Goldsworthy

Andy Griffiths’ acclaimed book series will tour the country in a magical stage production that will dazzle the young and the young at heart.

“Action, energy and creativity abound in this excellent adaptation. Loads of teaching opportunities. Just educational ... but above all, JUST GREAT FUN!”

Elaine Smith, Teacher / Educator


“The JUST series is where it all began for me and it will be JUST amazing to see these crazy/annoying/stupid stories come alive on stage!”
Andy Griffiths, Author of the JUST book series


Every year Andy’s school holds a short story competition and every year Andy writes an awesome, amazing, captivating, terrifying story. But every year Andy is robbed of winning, thwarted by some dumb story about kittens and sunshine.

 That’s because Mr Rowe is against him and the competition is rigged. Mr Rowe wouldn’t know a good story if it jumped off the page and bit him on the bum. And technically, Andy's been banned from entering the competition after last year’s...incident. But surely that can all be forgotten with a marvelous victory?!

 With the help of his best friend Danny, the love of his life Lisa, his somewhat trusty dog Sooty and a lifetime of crazy, shocking, doomed, stupid and just plain disgusting experiences, Andy sets out on a night that will ensure a flawless victory.

 JUST tricking. JUST annoying. JUST stupid. JUST crazy. JUST disgusting. JUST shocking. JUST doomed.

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