Siren Theatre Co presents the Hayes Theatre Co production of

H.M.S. Pinafore

By W.S. Gilbert & A. Sullivan directed by Kate Gaul

Transport your audiences to the high seas with this gender-bending and hyper-theatrical re-imagining of a G&S classic. Touring regionally after its Hayes Theatre premiere, this critically acclaimed, raucous adventure has already won over audiences from Darlinghurst to Tamworth. Featured across Sydney Festival 2021 it's back in 2022 by popular demand!

"Kate Gaul’s vivacious, witty and saucy production of HMS PINAFORE is the perfect antidote to the daily news"

Set sail with Gilbert & Sullivan’s beloved comedy of star-crossed lovers, mismatched marriages, and mistaken identities. Kate Gaul re-imagines a gender-bending, hyper-theatrical and kinky take on this Gilbert & Sullivan classic. 

H.M.S. Pinafore answers the burning question of who, among equals, is the most equal, and whether love can level the ranks. In this quirky chamber version, love is celebrated as the 21st Century collides with the 19th Century in unexpected ways. The work’s humour focuses on the love between members of different social classes and pokes unashamed fun at society’s obsession with social status, patriotism, party politics, and the rise of unqualified people to positions of authority.

The primarily young company reclaim Gilbert & Sullivan, test its boundaries and have a shipload of fun. There are sequins, tutus, flags (lots of flags), and a moustache or two! So – sit back, enjoy tunes you are sure to have heard before and consider how two Edwardian gentlemen created an operetta about society on a saucy ship named after a lady’s undergarment!


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Siren Theatre Co is an independent professional theatre company based in Sydney. Since 1997 the company has commissioned and produced new Australian plays, classics, made plays for young people and families, partnered with producing and presenting organisations.

Siren is always evolving but these things hold true: the work would look ridiculous in other mediums; always tell a good story; keep the actor at the centre of the work; don’t add to the crap in the world; the work will be beautiful, rigorous, imaginative and timely.


“(Gaul’s) take on the show manages to encompass … the gentle boundary-pushing of the original text, our local tradition of sending up the classics, and the meta-textual, pop-culture referential riffing  .. And she does it all through a confident, unapologetically queer lens. 
Why stage H.M.S Pinafore at the end of 2019? Because it can be a celebration of living outside your expected social role. It can be a queer party. Funny and sweet, and clever." ★★★★ Time Out full review

"Under director Kate Gaul’s command, Gilbert and Sullivan's classic finds new vigour as genderfuck carnival. If the class plot is unrelatable, the norm-busting use of gender scrapes off the H.M.S Pinafore's barnacles. With wit, style and thrill, this production is relentlessly entertaining. "Love can level ranks” - and this revel ranks high. "  ★★★★ Rock City Jester full review

“A joyous version of the Gilbert and Sullivan musical that most fans will love.  ★★★★ Arts Hub full review

“The show is bursting with talent and expertise and basically it’s all joy and effervescence for the rest of the voyage.”  ★★★★ Stage Noise full review

“Turning the topsy-turvy of W.S. Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan’s 1878 operetta inside out, this saucy staging of H.M.S. Pinafore is a delight from bowsprit to sternpost.”  ★★★★ Audrey Journal full review

 “Kate Gaul reinvigorates the comic operetta for an audience today, giving it a fabulous, fresh spin with her gloriously camp, glittery, cross-gender production.”  ★★★★ Limelight full review

“It’s always fun to see an actor steal a production, as Thomas Campbell does in the opening scene to this giddy and hilarious new production of H.M.S. Pinafore.”  ★★★★ City Hub Sydney full review

 “Gaul’s H.M.S. Pinafore is dazzling and oozing with personality”  ★★★★★ Twenty Odd Reviewer full review

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Director Kate Gaul
Music Director Antonio Fernandez
Choreographer Ash Bee 
Production Designer Melanie Liertz 
Lighting Designer Becky Russell
Sound Designer Nate Edmondson
Cast Josef Ber, Thomas Campbell, Tobias Cole, Hannah Greenshields, Sean Hall, Bobbie-Jean Henning, Elora Ledger, Dominic Lui, Billie Palin, Zachary Selmes, Daniel Verschuer
Original Music Director Zara Stanton

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