Australian Theatre for Young People

Follow me Home

Written by Lewis Treston
Produced in association with the Advocate for Children and Young People (ACYP)

On any one night in Australia, over 28,000 young people experience homelessness. Follow Me Home tells their stories. Produced by the Helpmann award-winning company, Australian Theatre for Young People, and written by Patrick White Award winner Lewis Treston, this production is an unflinching insight into the lives of young people who live through homelessness.

Follow Me Home succeeds in its intention to demystify the complexities of youth homelessness, and urges the audience to question their own role in a culture that often looks beyond those who need someone to listen.

Stories with heart, honesty and humanity.

Follow Me Home is an insightful new theatre production by award-winning playwright Lewis Treston. Presented as a series of vignettes, the play reveals the real stories of a group of extraordinarily strong, resilient and courageous young people from across Australia.

 Telling the truth, being honest and sharing your story takes guts. Real guts. How do you tell your friend she can’t sleep over anymore? Can you help a parent when she’s lost all hope? How can you strive for independence when the system is working against you? And what if just being honest means you’re out on the street?

 Inspired by the real life stories shared by homeless young people across NSW, this thought-provoking work from Australian Theatre for Young People (ATYP) is a must see for audiences aged 15 and over. Four talented young actors take on multiple roles in a fast paced show that will leave audiences with a shift in perspective, a little more compassion and a deeper understanding of the world around them.


Its not often you get to create a piece of theatre that offers powerful entertainment with a lingering community impact. This play tells a range of stories that are funny, heartwarming, achingly sad and gently uplifting, but it does it with a disarming honesty and lack of romance or sentiment. We had young people who have experienced homelessness join us in the rehearsal room and talk to the cast about their experiences. They spoke very openly about how the cast can reveal and what has to be hidden deep inside. The impact of those discussions is evident in the understated performances that are delivered.

Fraser Corfield



Director Fraser Corfield 
Playwright Lewis Treston 
Lighting Designer Martin Kinnane 
Sound Designer Kailesh Reitmans 
Costume & Set Designer Aleisa Jelbart 
Performers Laneikka Denne, Jordan Dulieu, Jasper Lee-Lindsay, Sofia Nolan  

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