FOLD: A Domestic Circus

Original score composed and performed by Elliot Zoerner and Shenzo Gregorio.

Fold explores how relationships grow more complex over time. Everyday objects and common rituals are transposed into highly-skilled physical theatre and familiar gestures are transformed into acrobatics.

Everyday scenes are made memorable and familiar gestures are transformed into acrobatics. Clothes being folded as bodies and arms interweave in a complex sequence resulting in neatly stacked piles of washing. A cup of tea is acrobatically interrogated, shared and spilled. Mopping the floor moves from domestic chore to intricate dance. A fitted bed-sheet enfolds the acrobats and transforms the scene, moving the audience from playful bedroom, to bedside care, to a funeral home.

Through this couple we experience life and death. Romance and loss. While the scenes reflect a lifetime, do these moments belong to now? Are they projections of what a lifetime together could look like?

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Director & Co-Devisor  Darcy Grant
Performers & Co-Devisors   Mieke Lizotte and Lewie West
Dramaturg & Co-Devisor  Julian Louis
Lighting Designer  Karl Johnson
Composers & Performers Elliot Zoerner and Shenzo Gregorio.

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