Shopfront Arts Co-Op and ATYP

Dignity of Risk

Directed by Natalie Rose

Dignity of Risk fuses words, movement and dance to delve deep into the highly personal stories of the inspiring Shopfront Harness Ensemble, a new ensemble of performers living with and without disability. As the awareness of mental health challenges facing young people increases, this is a daring and powerful show that in one way or another speaks to us all. 

This stereotype-smashing show is made by and about young people – but is essential viewing for anyone who has ever felt like they don't 'fit the norm'

Dignity of Risk is a new contemporary performance about the way we perceive ourselves and the perceptions we have about others.

We grow up with boundaries. They determine how we should behave, where we can go, what we can do on our own. You could say the process of ‘growing up’ up is testing those boundaries, pushing them, finding out when they break or when you will. But not everyone gets that chance. Some people are thought to be too fragile, too vulnerable or just not ready. Which is fine until you realise … actually, it isn’t. That’s the point of growing up!

This explosive new work fuses movement, text and AV with the personal stories of young adults. Shopfront’s Harness Ensemble joins forces with actors from ATYP to interrogate the worlds we find ourselves in. Merging performers with and without disability, we hold a mirror to our preconceptions of what is appropriate, what is possible and what can be expected. There’s a dignity in the freedom to make mistakes. That’s where we learn the important stuff.

Directed by Natalie Rose (post) and performed by an ensemble of emerging artists with and without disability.

About the Company

All young people have something to say and at Shopfront, their voices are heard. Shopfront is a space where young people come together to express themselves. To learn, share and bring their imaginations to life. A space for celebrating the amazing ideas and creativity generated by young people and emerging artists. Shopfront has been creating socially relevant, youth led, multi-artform work since 1976. Young people are encouraged to push creative boundaries, under guidance from practicing professional artists.


I am excited by casting such a diverse (in every sense of the word) ensemble. In this ensemble we have emerging artists from different socio-economic and cultural backgrounds. Those who identify with having disabilities and those who do not... and this is something we are constantly questioning - visible disabilities verses the invisible. We are discovering that the topics we are exploring - risk, outside perceptions and influences, those outside voices we hear putting us down - are universal to us all and these people on stage will actually represent the people of our landscape, the people of today.
Natalie Rose

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Production Images

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Director Natalie Rose
Dramaturg Jenni Medway 
Choreographer Margot Politis 
Sound Designer James Brown 
Lighting Designer Fausto Brusamolino
Set and Costume Designer Melanie Liertz

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